Diffuser FAQs

Aroma Diffusers

My diffuser isn't turning on:

Did you put your essential oil in the bowl while it was empty? If so empty and clean the reservoir and fill it with water before adding your essential oil.

All Alcyon diffusers have automatic shut-off when water has run out so if oil is added first, the diffuser will turn itself off.

I can't smell very much when the diffuser is on:

First check if the ultrasonic pad is working: if you can see mist coming out of your diffuser, it definitely is. If the pad is working, it could be a placement issue.

Placement is actually very important and affects scent dispersion. Make sure the diffuser is not set up near cross-drafts or air currents leaving the room. It is worthwhile trying a few different placements and seeing if things improve.

Different diffusers will also have different coverage.

Please refrain from adding more and more oil to see if this improves your perception of the scent: this could void the warranty. You should use no more than 5 drops of oil at a time.

My diffuser hardly produces any mist / the water in the reservoir hardly goes down:

Please make sure you are not overfilling the water tank above the maximum water line, as this greatly reduces mist output.

Use only the recommended number of drops of essential oils, as using too much causes build-up which can result in the aroma diffuser not functioning properly. 

Oil build-up and a lack of maintenance can also affect the diffuser's performance. Cleaning the diffuser on a regular basis (weekly for example) with a solution of warm water and vinegar keeps your diffuser working optimally.

If you have checked all the above, please submit a warranty claim with Alcyon as your diffuser might have a faulty ultrasonic pad.

My diffuser is making a louder noise than usual:

You might need a new ultrasonic pad but if the sound is considerably louder than normal, it is likely an issue with the fan. Please submit a warranty claim with Alcyon here.

The inner bowl (water tank) has a small chip:

This is likely the drainage channel and is part of the design. If you are concerned you can submit a photo to Alcyon, click here to do so.

My diffuser feels hot to the touch:

Alcyon diffusers have a maximum operational temperature of 45º Celsius but rarely if ever come close to this temperature. The unit may feel warm to the touch but this won't destroy your essential oils. 

If you are concerned your diffuser is running very hot, please submit a warranty claim with Alcyon here.

The water bowl is stained:

You will notice a build-up over time if you use your diffuser often but don't have a regular cleaning schedule for it, or if you diffuse thick and dark-coloured oils, or even use excess oil. A regular cleaning schedule won't just help prevent this build-up: it will also prolong the longevity of your diffuser. 

First refer to the instruction manual for your diffuser, as it will contain cleaning recommendations specific to the model you purchased. You can also attempt the steps described below to remedy the stains.

How do I clean my diffuser?

After every use empty the water bowl of any remaining water and oil mix, and wipe down with a clean cloth.

For more thorough cleaning, follow these steps - but please make sure before you begin that your diffuser is unplugged from the power outlet!

  1. Fill the reservoir about half-way with water.
  2. Add 10 drops of white vinegar (rubbing alcohol is also acceptable)
  3. Switch on and let the diffuser run for at least 3 mn, no more than 5.
  4. Empty the reservoir into a bowl.
  5. Using a cloth or cotton buds, go over any marks left in the bowl with pure white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
  6. Wipe down the reservoir with a cloth moistened in the water-vinegar solution transferred to a bowl in step 4.
  7. Rinse with water, wipe down and let air dry.