The Brand

The Queen of Quartz was born in 2016 when Katie Pascoe, our Founder and Creative Director, started making gemstone jewelry, hairpins, combs and crowns. She wanted to make pieces that were suitable for ‘everyday’ use as well as statement pieces for healers and special events.

Most of our pieces are made with quartz points because quartz works on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual- to purify, activate and amplify energy. They are one of the most powerful crystals for focusing and amplifying your intention.

We create handcrafted one of a kind hairpieces and crowns featuring wire wrapped quartz gemstones, vintage embellishments and other elements.

Throughout history, crowns have been worn by prominent members of society to signify power, triumph and strength.

We make these pieces, because we believe that all women should feel as powerful, strong and beautiful as they truly are.

Because every Queen needs a crown. 


Katie Pascoe- Founder and Creative Director

I have always been obsessed with crystals. I fondly remember regularly going to the local markets as a child, and every time I would ask mum to buy me crystals. Most of the time it was the pretty, shiny ones that drew me in- Peacock Ore, Hematite, Pyrite... as a child, I didn’t understand why I was so attracted to them, but I could definitely feel their power and energy.

My love for crystals grew as I grew, frequenting 'hippie shops' as a teenager, picking up more rocks. In my late 20's I had the opportunity to work at a local crystal shop as a reader on weekends. That was when it became more serious. Each weekend between readings I would explore the store and learn about the crystals in detail. I think I spent more than I made during that 14 month period, going home with 20+ crystals every week that I 'needed'.
Crystals became part of my everyday life. There were always rocks in my handbag, in my bra, and even in my drink bottle. My desk at my corporate job started to look like an altar rather than a work station. As a highly sensitive and anxious person, I found it hard to work in an open plan office, especially when it is a hyper critical and negative space. I felt powerless and useless. I mostly used Tourmaline to protect myself, Fluorite and Pyrite for creativity and Rose Quartz for love and peace. The crystals and a regular meditation routine helped me to exist in this space.
Wanting to take back my power, I left full time corporate work, took on a part time contract role so I could focus on self care and increasing the creativity in my life.

My hands have always been busy with craft work, making beaded jewelry, embellished gift cards and cross stitching from a young age, working on very intricate pieces with fine details. This then transitioned into making candles and melts, and incorporating gemstones into my candles. The more I worked with crystals, the more I realised that there was something more I needed to do with them. I made some hairpins for myself using some gorgeous quartz points and realised that there was something about the combination of wire and crystals that I loved and wanted to explore further. I still regularly wear these original hairpins tucked into a high bun.