Ritual Sprays

Ritual Sprays

Interested in our ritual sprays and not sure how to use them?

Our sprays can be used to shift energy and to create the change that you desire.

Ways to use them:

  • Vibes in a room feeling a bit off? Lightly spray a little of your ritual spray into the room and watch the energy move.
  •  Cleanse objects by lightly spraying objects that need some energetic cleansing.
  •  Spray yourself to shift your own energy.
  •  Spray it across your sacred space before beginning any magical work.

Our ritual sprays are infused with crystals and contain essential oils- keep in this in mind before spraying items or clothing that oil may stain.

We make them inhouse using high quality essential oils, distilled water, gemtones and a little magic.

They have specific intentions:

  • 'I am protected'- Protect Ritual Spray infused with Onyx, Labradorite and Smoky Quartz
  • 'I attract what I desire'- New Moon Ritual Spray infused with Moonstone
  • 'I release what no longer serves me'- Full Moon Ritual Spray infused with Labradorite
  • 'I live in harmony'- Clear Space Ritual Spray infused with Clear Quartz