Full Moon- what am I meant to do?

Have you noticed that things feel different when it is a full moon? You might feel an increase in emotions, or even spontaneity. This is because the energy of the moon is at it’s strongest and it will amplify the power in everything.

Here is a list of rituals you might want to try out next full moon:

  • Put your crystals outside to re-charge.
  • Practice group activities that are nurturing- attend a circle, meditate, sing, dance.
  • Get creative.
  • Write down what you want to get rid of (like bad habits, thought patterns etc) and ask the moon for help. We like to write on sage leaves and burn them. Make sure you thank the moon when you burn them.
  • Place a glass of water on the windowsill in the moonlight. Ask the moon to give you power. In the morning, drink water on an empty stomach and feel the energy filling your body.
  • Go for a swim in a lake or river in the moonlight and absorb the energy.
  • Write down your list of wishes using positive language and make sure it is in present tense. Leave the list on your windowsill in the moonlight. Put the note away until the wish has been fulfilled and then you can burn it. Make sure you thank the moon when you burn it.
  • Have a bath and practice self-care activities.
  • Use a ritual spray to enhance your activities.