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Large Australian Native and Herb Smudging Stick

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Mix of callistemon, banksia, sage, salvia, eucalyptus and botanicals harvested from the bush garden at The Queen of Quartz wrapped in cotton twine. Approx 25cm in length.

Use our smudge sticks to clear stagnant and negative energy and bring joy to your home. 

Smudging tips

  • Open windows, cupboards and doors.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Light your smudge stick with a candle, match or lighter. Once a flame appears on your smudge stick, blow it out and allow the embers to burn the stick and create smoke.
  • Place the smudge stick in a fire proof bowl or dish.
  • Walk around your home and allow the smoke to float around in each room. Be sure to guide it behind doors and inside cupboards. Never leave unattended.
  • Relight as needed.
  • To extinguish, place in a sealed fire proof container, run under the tap, smother the burning end in soil (in a pot plant), or place in a safe place to burn out. Ensure it is extinguished and never leave unattended if burning.
  • Take a moment to reflect. 

Each smudge stick will vary in appearance as they are made by hand from natural ingredients. Flowers will vary depending on what is blooming at the time.