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Eucalyptus, Sage and Botanicals Smudging Stick

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Eucalyptus, sage and botanicals harvested from the bush garden at The Queen of Quartz with dried orange and a cinnamon stick wrapped in cotton twine. Approximately 20cm in length.

Use our smudge sticks to clear stagnant and negative energy and bring joy to your home. 

Smudging tips

  • Open windows, cupboards and doors.
  • Set your intentions.
  • Light your smudge stick with a candle, match or lighter. Once a flame appears on your smudge stick, blow it out and allow the embers to burn the stick and create smoke.
  • Place the smudge stick in a fire proof bowl or dish.
  • Walk around your home and allow the smoke to float around in each room. Be sure to guide it behind doors and inside cupboards. Never leave unattended.
  • Relight as needed.
  • To extinguish, place in a sealed fire proof container, run under the tap, smother the burning end in soil (in a pot plant), or place in a safe place to burn out. Ensure it is extinguished and never leave unattended if burning.
  • Take a moment to reflect. 

Each smudge stick will vary in appearance as they are made by hand from natural ingredients. Flowers will vary depending on what is blooming at the time.